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Real estate commission is a fee charged by real estate brokers and agents for their services to home sellers and buyers. The amount of commission charged is typically a percentage of the sale price of the property or at a flat rate and is a significant source of income for real estate professionals. Real estate commissions are paid from the seller’s proceeds at closing and traditionally disbursed by escrow or title to both the listing agent and the buyer’s broker.

How Much Is NYC Real Estate Commission?

Real estate agent commissions in NYC are among the highest in the country. On average, NYC real estate commissions pay out 6% of the home sale price to the real estate agent and their brokerage. Real estate agents that generate more business for their brokerage will keep a higher percentage of their earnings.

In addition, real estate commissions are often negotiable between the listing agent and the buyer’s broker. The amount of commission that a property seller offers is also often negotiable and can be adjusted to match market conditions. For example, if a home is priced below market value, a seller may be willing to offer a smaller percentage of the sale price in order to attract more interested buyers. Must visit https://www.fastcashmyhome.com/sell-my-house-fast-lynnwood-wa/


The traditional real estate commission model has been around for decades and is a critical part of how real estate agents earn their salaries. However, as the real estate market has evolved, more and more agents have started to work with discount brokerages that allow them to charge a lower commission than their traditional competitors.

These discount brokerages allow agents to keep a larger portion of their earnings and provide them with the same level of service and support that they would receive from a traditional broker. This model has helped to disrupt the real estate industry and is changing how homes are sold.

However, many of the top-producing agents in NYC still work with traditional brokerages and are not available through these new models. This is largely due to the fact that these brokerages are often unable to justify paying their agents a smaller percentage of the sales price, especially in markets like NYC where the home prices are much higher.


Thankfully, there are now options for home sellers to avoid the traditional real estate commission and save up to 6% in broker fees when selling their property. Hauseit’s free MLS listing service matches homeowners with top-producing local real estate agents who are willing to sell their properties for a flat fee of 1.5%. This means that home sellers can save up to 6% in real estate commission while getting the same professional representation they would otherwise receive from a traditional broker. Learn more about how to save on NYC real estate commission when selling your home here.

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